Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness 

Yoga and Mindfulness offer huge benefits to all ages, and children and teenagers find huge physical and emotional growth by practising them.

Developing Creativity

Our classes provide space to explore and expand creativity, offering a way

to work our right brain and rest our often over-used left brain responses.

Creativity offers a way to see things that previously may have gone

unnoticed and provides an additional learning tool to support participants

in connecting with the weekly theme.

Yoga and Body Work

Yoga helps to improve flexibility, strength and posture, helping to develop better motor skills.

Managing Emotions

Yoga and mindfulness offer ways to manage stress and anxiety and can help

create a sense of calm in participants. Learning to identify and accept feelings

helps participants gain a deeper resilience in learning how to sit with a

variety of different emotions.

Improving Self-Awareness

Yoga and Mindfulness help to improve participants self-awareness, awareness of others and of the world around them and therefore aids the group in improving concentration.

Building Self-Esteem

Improved self-esteem and confidence results from the choices of activities we

provide.  Each individual is celebrated and we ensure that each child is given

the chance to be seen and their voices heard.


Massage Techniques
Teaching massage helps children understand ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch and can help empower children and teens to respect themselves and others, helping reduce bullying and aggressive behaviour.

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