How Our Classes Work

Our classes focus on improving everyone's wellbeing, incorporating the principles of yoga and mindfulness in a fun way using traditional yoga techniques as well as song, art-based activities, games, and story-telling.

Our influences are taken from the Yoga Bananas technique, the Youth Mindfulness programme and the Scaravelli approach to yoga.

Peer Massage

Sometimes, classes can include peer massage from the ‘Massage In Schools Programme’ teaching your children techniques to give fully clothed back, neck, head and arm massage to one another which can be shared with friends and family (see for more information).

Family Sessions

We run family sessions where parents and siblings can attend the class to experience some of what we have worked on throughout the term. 

Themed Sessions

Classes are often themed in accordance with discussions each term from the participants.

Drawing from our sound therapeutic and wellbeing knowledge and training, sessions playfully and creatively address a wide variety of topics offering a fun and interesting way to engage with and explore them. Previous themes have included:

  • how to improve sleep

  • dealing with worries and difficult feelings

  • coping with bullying

  • accepting and celebrating ourselves

  • building stronger friendships.  

Regular Updates to Parents

Emails are sent out to parents regularly to provide an overview of the content delivered so as to offer ways that the skills and ideas can be bedded in at home.

What does my child need?
  • Mats and blankets are provided but I find often children prefer to bring along their own.

  • A cuddly toy is encouraged and welcomed.

  • Loose and comfortable clothing is best.

  • Please provide them with something to drink.

Contact Us

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