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Join our online Yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing classes in the comfort of your home. Each class is fully interactive and tailored to different age groups. See our course options below.
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Fun & playful classes using song, art, games, and story-telling.

Kids Aged 4 - 7


Yoga and Mindfulness class to help with modern life.

Kids Aged 8 - 12


Helping our physical and mental wellbeing, aimed at pre-teens.

Girls Aged 11 - 12

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Improving wellbeing, confidence & calming our minds.

Girls Aged 13 - 16


A fun yoga class on a Saturday for kids and their families.

Family Yoga

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Yoga & Mindfulness. Time to renew, time for you.

Parents & Carers

What's involved?

Our classes incorporate the principles of Yoga and Mindfulness in a fun way using song, art-based activities, games, and story-telling taking influence from the Yoga Bananas technique, the Youth Mindfulness program and the Scaravelli approach to yoga. 


The benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness


Yoga and Mindfulness offer huge benefits to all ages, and children and teenagers find huge physical and emotional growth by practising them.

What will I need?
  • A yoga mat is helpful though not essential, also a blanket; and water bottle.

  • Loose and comfortable clothing is best.

  • Any other requirements will be communicated to you prior to the class.

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