Reviews from parents, children,
professionals & schools

Feedback from parents


My children, Isabelle (12) and Bobby (9), have been going to Yoga with Holly for a few weeks now and both enjoy the sessions very much.  It gives my son the chance to ‘unplug’ and be comfortable in a quiet space and for my daughter it offers her the chance to become more comfortable in her own body.  I would highly recommend Holly Tree Yoga. 




Iris has really enjoyed the yoga and mindfulness classes.  She always seems very energised at the end of each class.  I have noticed that since doing the classes she has seemed calmer and more relaxed generally. 




Holly harnesses the group amazingly! Each week I am really impressed with how she manages to flow with the children's energy.  My daughter has really enjoyed bringing home the new skills she has learnt and all the family enjoy when she then demonstrates the massage techniques.  The class is such a great start to Yoga, Wellbeing and positive communication.  Holly's work is a blessing. Thank-you!




The class has been brilliant for my children, building up their confidence and allowing them to explore their emotions.  We love it!




An amazing class for children, a great way to get them being creative and imaginative it also allows them to be mindful and develop ways of living in the modern world without stress. 

Michaela McKimmie



Brilliant yoga session for the little ones.  My daughter enjoys it very much.  Would recommend to everyone! Thank you, Holly! 




Both my children have enjoyed every session of yoga they have attended so far.  My daughter looks forward to each session and is keen to continue with classes, they seem to increase her positivity and give her a sense of wellbeing.  My son was a little less enthusiastic but Holly has made him feel very welcome and he now participates fully in each session.  I have definitely seen an improvement in his confidence since starting and he leaves every session enthused and full of conversation regarding the class. 

Vicky (Enyd and Arthur's mum)



Feedback from professionals


Holly's warmth, sense of fun, and passion for arts, yoga, and wellbeing shines out and is authentically embodied in her work with children and young people. Endlessly creative, she brings all her enthusiasm and considerable knowledge and experience to everything she does.

(Wendy Ann Greenhalgh - Creative Mindfulness teacher and author of the books "Stop Look Breathe Create", and "Mindfulness and the Art of Drawing".



Holly has such a natural and gentle way with children, she is truly in the moment when with them.  Children know when someone genuinely cares and is interested in them, and Holly embodies this.  I wouldn't hestitate to recommend Holly's classes to anyone.

(Dr Helena Kaliniecka, Clinical and community Psychologist working in CAMHS and Headstart services building resilience and wellbeing)




Feedback from children


I like doing games.

Jessica aged 5


It's fun because you get to relax.

Uma aged 6


I think they are good because I like them.

Roxy aged 6


It's nice. I like it cos I have a nice teacher and lots of friends.

Joseph aged 6


It is fun games.

Percy aged 6


I really like the yoga class because it's so fun. 

Kiki aged 7


It's brilliant. I like massage.

Stanley aged 7


It's good because I have time away from my sister. 

Nikola aged 8


It is very fun and it is very safe.

Romeo age 8


I think it is brilliant and really calmed me down.

Oliver aged 9


I think yoga is great because it is fun. 

Bobby aged 9


I have really enjoyed the relaxation time and also the massage.  I think the classes are great because there aren't too many people.  Holly is really kind and its easy to learn as she makes everything understandable.

Ayanna aged 10


I think that yoga is an amazing activity.  I  have especially liked the calmng down games and group games.  It is an awesome way to feel better and has just been great overall. 

Isabelle aged 12

Feedback from schools


What did you most like about the workshop?

The calm way in which the workshop was presented and total involvement of the children. Holly was just lovely! And so knowledgeable.  Thank you very much.  This was an excellent opportunity for the children to focus on mindfulness.

(Ms Kinzett, Charters Ancaster school)


Thank you so much for your energy, patience, and enthusiasm for the sessions. I was not sure how the children would be with this venture but it has been such a success mainly due to you and the way you have organised and led the sessions. Thank you so much. 

(Y6 Teacher, Ms Kesper, Sedlescombe Primary school)


The Teaching of our younger children who really look forward to seeing you each week as well as simply loving their after-school club of Yoga activities and games – and our Year 6 classes – have been an excellent development for us this year – and added something extra to our work on pupil’s wellbeing and mental health.  Thank you – and we look forward to your continued teaching in our school next year.  

(Ms Ham, Retired Headteacher at Sedlescombe Primary school)