Zoom Guidelines

Please see below some useful tips and instructions on setting up Zoom for the best experience of our virtual classes:

Zoom is a wonderful online platform and one which we will be using to virtually share our wellbeing classes with you. This is a free app and very easy to use!

Zoom can be accessed through a number of different devices:

• A browser from your laptop.

• A browser from your PC.

• An app from your phone.

• An app from your tablet.

For the best experience, we recommend using a TV. You can do this by either:

• Connecting an HDMI cable linked from your laptop or phone to your TV

• Selecting the HDMI option on your TV screen

However, we know this is not always available so laptops, tablets or phones can also be used.

How to get your invite to join?

We will send you information on the following:

• Anything specific that you need to gather before the session (a few days before your class).

• A specific link for your online class.

Click on the link sent by your Class Leader or if you have the app downloaded, you can enter the meeting ID and password.

If you would like to see the other members of the class, then change your view to ‘gallery view’ which can be found in the top right of the screen. This will mean you will see everyone else in the group.

During the activities, the Class Leader may ‘mute’ you all and if you join a little late you may be automatically placed in mute mode. This is to avoid distortion or interruptions occurring during activities.

Ideally, please join the class 10-15 minutes before it is due to begin. When you click on the link or manually type in the password and meeting ID you will be placed in the ‘waiting room’ until the Class Leader invites you into the class.

Advice for Parents

Please add your child(ren)'s name(s) first then your adult name with no surnames. Make sure our leader can be seen in the window, that you and your child can see us well and that during the activities of the Class the Leader is viewable in the main window.

Contact Us

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